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Harper Bernays – Private Investment Managers – Sydney, Australia Public Charitable Trust - Harper Bernays - Private Investment Managers - Sydney, Australia

Public Charitable Trust

About the Trust

We’re committed to making a difference through philanthropy and have established the Harper Bernays Public Charitable Trust to provide you with a convenient, flexible way to give, either as part of your Will or during your lifetime. A Harper Bernays Charitable Trust account can be established with as little as $50,000, and subsequent donations can be of any size and from any source. After determining your giving strategy, you’re able to choose your level of involvement with charities and/or projects. We can assist you in selecting projects if you wish, and have access to selected experts in key areas (such as medicine and the environment) who can provide options and advice. As part of our service, we provide comprehensive operational and administrative support to ensure you can focus on the most important aspect – your giving strategy.


Establishing a charitable trust account with Harper Bernays is simple and provides a number of benefits:

  • The potential to have a consistent source of funding for community projects, in perpetuity
  • The ability to set up your own named endowment account or bequest under the Harper Bernays Charitable Trust or retain complete anonymity should you wish. Your level of involvement with your charitable beneficiaries is up to you.
  • Establishment is quick and  inexpensive, with no establishment fees and no need to put in place a separate trust deed and structure
  • 100% tax deductibility on all donations (except those from a will), and ongoing tax deductibility for additional contributions
  • No tax on earnings, so your charitable giving is maximised

Management and Governance

Your charitable trust will be managed by Harper Bernays, in a co-trustee arrangement with Sandhurst Trustees Limited, which is 100% owned by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited. Sandhurst Trustees Limited also provides custodial and administrative support for the trust. Compliance and Risk Management The co-trustees each have in place rigorous compliance and risk management procedures to ensure strict adherence to the statutory guidelines which will govern your fund, along with the requirements you put in place. Audit In conjunction with internal audits, the fund is subject to an independent, full annual external audit.

Charitable Projects

For a list of charitable projects the Harper Bernays Charitable Trust supports, please click here