For clients who have invested $1m with Harper Bernays since inception (1988), their performance to 30 June 2018 has been*:


Harper Bernays Performance

Return% Return $
11.7% $27,097,759


ASX 200 Accumulation Index

Return% Return $
9.3% $13,943,692


ASX 200 Price Index

Return% Return $
4.7% $3,930,834



We have recently more clearly defined our clients as either “Yield” or “Accumulation”. The performance for each category has been as follows:


* All calculations are made using the time weighted method to account for the timing of capital movements Performance figures are quoted before the deduction of management fees and brokerage. The benchmark All Ordinaries Indices are calculated before the deduction of management fees and brokerage. Given the nature of client cashflows the appropriate benchmark is somewhere between the All Ordinaries Accumulation index and the All Ordinaries Price Index.  Performance numbers do not include imputation credits (except the rolling three year performance numbers for Accumulation and Yield Clients which do include imputation credits), which we estimate add approximately 1.3% per annum to performance numbers.  The performance of individual clients may vary from the aggregate figures quoted above. The company and its representatives do not in any way guarantee performance.