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Our investment philosophy

In our experience, all Investment Managers who produce long term, risk adjusted superior returns, take the time and make the effort to produce a clearly articulated, sound, easily understood Investment Philosophy to which they adhere with constancy in all market conditions, and to which their clients can hold them accountable.

We have always believed that ensuring our clients thoroughly understand, and are comfortable with, our Investment Philosophy is the key to forming a mutually satisfactory long term relationship.

The Little Green Book A Gardener’s Guide to Investing

To both clearly and simply articulate for all our clients the principles which underpin our Investment Philosophy and outline in detail why both experience and long term research shows it to be soundly based as a way to generate superior long term investment returns, our Chairman, Peter Harper has written a relatively short (140 pages) book. Peter talks about his book and why he wrote it in the video below.

Peter – you’ve written a very good book – probably better than if you had opted for the 500 page version. The advice on page 19 should be read by all investors

Warren Buffett, Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway


Prospective clients of Harper Bernays who call on us to discuss our services and investment philosophy are provided with a free copy of the Little Green Book as part of a comprehensive package to enlighten and aid their deliberations.


Interested parties who just wish to understand our investment philosophy may visit The Little Green Book’s website to find out more and purchase a copy.  All proceeds are donated to charities associated with Harper Bernays, through its Public Charitable Trust.