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Harper Bernays – Private Investment Managers – Sydney, Australia July 2011 Periodical - Harper Bernays - Private Investment Managers - Sydney, Australia

July 2011 Periodical

Link 1 highlights our thoughts on key issues raised by the other two papers, as well as some additional items which may be of interest to those attempting to maintain perspective as a long term investor.

In early June, when sovereign debt concerns in Europe, and Greece most especially, were making investors extremely nervous, we asked John Donovan to prepare a paper for internal consumption to brief us on the likely prospects for a variety of economies in the wake of the necessary (likely) responses to these issues. Most importantly, we asked him to review Australia’s prospects in the light of these issues. Link 2 is a copy of that paper.

Link 3 has been prepared by Gareth Hulbert who has recently joined us from Macquarie Bank. Among other things, Gareth specifically looks at the current relative value in the Australian Equities market. By way of introducing Gareth to our readers and clients, his brief curriculum vitae is provided at the conclusion of his paper. Gareth had an extremely impressive record as both an Analyst and a Funds Manager at Macquarie and we are delighted that he has chosen to join our team.

As always we hope that you find this material stimulating and useful.

A paper by Peter Harper titled “Economies, Markets and Prospects”

A paper by John Donovan titled “Positive Economic Influences From Asia Are More Important Than Sluggish Growth And Financial Jitters In The West”

A paper by Gareth Hulbert titled “Thoughts From a Master Investor And the Australian Market”

Should you wish to discuss any of the material in this Periodical, or any other matter of interest, please feel free to give us a call at any time. Welcome to the new financial year, and may it be prosperous.

Peter Harper

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