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Harper Bernays Insights

The Harper Bernays periodicals provide our clients with a range of insights on key topics relating to their investments and the economy more broadly. Click on the links below to read the full articles.

 Current Article: Quarterly Review – September 2014

 written by Harper Bernay’s investment team.

In what has become a consistent theme in recent times, macro-economic concerns overshadowed the fundamental strength of both company balance sheets and their earnings prospects this quarter.  Specifically, in the September quarter, the market wrestled with the mixed implications of a strengthening US economy and a slowing China.

Quarterly Review – September 2014

Quarterly Review – March 2014 – Investment insights from the Harper Bernays investment team.


M&A in 2014, Fighting the Good Fight! – The End of Debt Crises Should Unleash a Tide of Mergers & Acquisitions Activity Globally


March 2012 Periodical – find out about the factors which affect an investor’s risk profile; our appointment of David Ward as a special consultant to Harper Bernays on philanthropic matters; and the latest performance figures from the Harper Bernays Public Charitable Trust


November 2011 – discover how to invest with success and learn from the investing style of two successful investors


July 2011 – Read our review of the Australian equities and global financial markets during a difficult economic period


January / February 2011 – review the performance of the global economy in 2010 and our thoughts on the key issues for 2011


August 2010 – read an update on 2010 economic data and outlook; and learn about the importance of long-term portfolio management


February 2010 – review world economic data

August 2009 – Understand key economic data, and read our review of the long-term relationship between company earnings and yield data and stock market prices

March 2009 – focuses on US housing data, including trends in median home prices, mortgage rates and affordability in housing; activity in single home family sales; and realtors’ expectations for housing market activity and prices

February 2009 – review relevant American economy data and Harper Bernays’ opinion on the crucial matters affecting the American economy and its loss of confidence