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Harper Bernays – Private Investment Managers – Sydney, Australia Investment Philosophy - Harper Bernays - Private Investment Managers - Sydney, Australia

Investment Philosophy

Understanding your investment objectives

Personal consultation is the cornerstone of any investment mandate. Harper Bernays will only structure a portfolio after considering your investment needs, objectives and financial circumstances.

We provide more than just an investment solution: we ensure our clients’ portfolios fit within a broader approach to building and protecting wealth. We draw on our own experience and insights, as well as a network of trusted advisers, to ensure clients have quality advice and support.

How we select companies for investment

Our selection process involves a thorough review of all investment opportunities, using a combination of both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

  • Understanding the business: We make sure we understand the business in detail and the long-term prospects for the industry in which it operates
  • Outstanding management: We look for outstanding management which is capable and focused on building shareholder value
  • Growth and edge: We look for companies with an enduring competitive advantage and potential for sustainable earnings growth
  • Undervalued companies: We look to identify companies where the market valuation of their business differs from our valuation
  • Long term investments: Our preference is to hold investments for the long term, provided the company continues to perform

Our Investment Strategy

  • Adheres to long term investment, as opposed to a ‘trading’ strategy – typically a 3 – 5 year (minimum)investment focus
  • 10-15 core investments, with portfolio’s typically having about 20 holdings.
  • No cash constraints, we don’t have to be fully invested at all times.
  • Always looking for long term value in companies with an emphasis on dividend growth.
  • Quality and liquidity are key determining factors when choosing to invest in a stock.
  • Strong emphasis is placed on internally developed Risk Management Techniques to allow us to both carefully manage the volatility of portfolios and preserve capital – especially in bear markets.
  • Our emphasis on longer term value and outperformance and the effectiveness of our systems is underscored by our 5 & 10 yr results for clients who have used our services since inception and have given us full discretion. 
  • We have 16 consecutive 10 year periods of outperforming benchmark indices.