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Harper Bernays – Private Investment Managers – Sydney, Australia Individually Managed Accounts (IMA) - Harper Bernays - Private Investment Managers - Sydney, Australia

Individually Managed Accounts (IMA)

Our personalised approach means you have direct access to our investment managers, who regularly communicate and initiate contact with you.

The service we offer at Harper Bernays is personalised: we develop a customised, individually managed investment portfolio, tailored to suit your specific needs, risk sensitivity and investment objectives.

Your money is not pooled with a large number of other investors who may have conflicting investment priorities, and is held by an external custodian in order to maintain the highest level of governance and security.

We only make investments in companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and as an active institutional investor we maintain regular contact with the management of listed companies.

Our account management covers a broad range of end-to-end services, incorporated into a simple, single, monthly fee. All records and transactions are maintained by an appointed external custodian, appointed directly by the client and payment for the custodian is included in our single fee structure.

There are no establishment or exit fees.

Our range of services includes:

  • Access to research and our investment team
  • Monthly reconciliation of all cash and share transactions between our front of house systems and those of the custodian
  • News and periodicals, covering areas such as economic and investment trends, and regulatory changes
  • Regular money transfers, selective bill paying and record keeping
  • Tax planning, and support for your accountant or tax advisers with regards to tax returns, and other financial reporting that may be required
  • Assistance with intergenerational transfer of investment skills and asset control
  • Assistance with establishing and managing self managed super funds

For a brochure on our individually managed account service, click here.

For the benefit of its clients’ philanthropic activities, Harper Bernays also manages the Harper Bernays Public Charitable Trust.

For a brochure containing further information on the Harper Bernays Public Charitable Trust, click here.


Our proprietary software not only provides sophisticated risk management and portfolio management for your investments, it can provide detailed information on your investments and their performance at any given time.

Every six months, external, independent actuaries assess the performance (return and volatility) of each portfolio.

In addition, the custodian provides detailed reporting, including:

  • a monthly valuation report and transaction report, on custodian letterhead
  • a comprehensive annual statement outlining dividends, imputation, income and expenses, and capital gains

These reports are prepared independently by the custodian. For your convenience, we can also arrange for any of these reports to be sent directly to your accountant, tax agent or trustee.

You can also receive estimated capital gains and GST reports, as well as regular updates on the companies in which we invest.

Client Reporting

Individual Benchmarking

Every Harper Bernays’ portfolio is managed separately (ie, it is not pooled with other clients’ monies) with its own set of requirements uniquely matched to each individual client’s needs.  This includes, but is not limited to, varying cash and near cash holdings, and a range of ethical and other security dealing constraints.

This means that the appropriate performance Benchmark for each portfolio varies.

External Independent Professional Assessment

The Board of Harper Bernays retains an independent firm of actuarial consultants (Professional Financial Solutions) to independently assess every portfolio under our management.

The assessment measures both raw performance and volatility, to ensure that the risk profile of every portfolio remains within acceptable bounds.

This data is made available to clients to show performance against an appropriate benchmark in each case.

Formal Reviews

We provide a detailed annual formal review for all our portfolios outlining performance over a range of periods and the characteristics of the portfolio, including, amongst other things, income earned for the year and the portfolio structure.

Portfolio reviews can be provided at other periods by arrangement with the client.



We implement best practice governance procedures for all our activities to ensure a proper separation of powers, maximum transparency and security of our clients’ assets at all times. Your assets are held independently by an external custodian who will establish a personalised account on your behalf, recording all the assets in your investment portfolio. All cash balances are invested in either the custodian’s cash management account, or bank bills, at market interest rates.

The custodian is actively involved in the administration of your portfolio, settling sales and purchases transacted on your behalf and collecting interest and dividends as well as dealing with all registry and shareholder matters.

The custodian prepares monthly statements which we reconcile against our records each month prior to dispatch.

We pay the custodians’ costs for their services from our fee.

For the split of responsibilities between the custodian and Harper Bernays, click here.

For further details on our robust governance structures, click here.