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Harper Bernays – Private Investment Managers – Sydney, Australia Harper Bernays - Financial Concierge and Private Investment Managers - Harper Bernays - Private Investment Managers - Sydney, Australia

Harper Bernays – Financial Concierge and Private Investment Managers



Peter Harper, Chairman

Peter is the co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Harper Bernays.

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Peter has been directly involved in the finance and securities industry for over 40 years.

A Private Investment Manager focused on providing a service above and beyond what clients ask for.

Founded in 1988, Harper Bernays is one of Australia’s oldest and most discreet Investment Management firms. We have built a strong reputation among our clients and peers for both superior returns and providing a highly personalised level of service.


THE LITTLE GREEN BOOK - A Gardener's Guide to Investing


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We have well respected and long standing non Executive Directors ensuring strict governance across all aspects of the company.

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Harper Bernays does not pool client’s money together with that of other investors, and clients investments are held by an external bank custodian. As part of our stringent governance requirements, the custodian reports directly to each client.

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Private Wealth Management

The service we offer at Harper Bernays is highly personalised.

We develop customised, discretionary, individually managed investment portfolios. Each portfolio is specifically tailored to suit the specific needs, risk sensitivity and investment objectives of High Net Worth Individuals and Families.

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The Little Green Book – A Gardener’s Guide To Investing

This book provides a deep background to the Investment Philosophy employed at Harper Bernays.

“Peter – you’ve written a very good book – probably better than if you had opted for the 500 page version. The advice on page 19 should be read by all investors.”

        Warren Buffett, Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway

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“The Little Green Book”

Philanthropic Services

HB and its staff are committed to making a difference to the Philanthropic Sector.

We manage monies both for Charities and for Family Foundations. The company and its staff individually have had a long history in providing pro bono advice to various Not For Profit organisations as well as acting as Trustees for various Foundations.

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